Gestalt Psychotherapy Training and Education Institute
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Training aimed at preparing graduates to independently practice psychological help and psychotherapy on the basis of personal competences, modern knowledge and skills, using the Gestalt approach in understanding the phenomenon of helping relations.
Providing students with theoretical basics, methods and skills supporting a modern, relational model of psychological help and psychotherapy, in particular the Gestalt Therapy.
Supporting students in integrating knowledge and skills in developing clinical competences.

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Promoting psychotherapy, psycho-pedagogical counseling, social work, psychological help, education based on the methodology and theory of modern humanistic psychotherapy, Gestalt therapy and contemporary scientific research.
Supporting professionals, psychotherapists, psychologists and educators in the development of clinical competences in working with specific groups of clients and/or working in various contexts of helping.
Supporting the community of Gestalt psychotherapists, psychologists and educators in co-creating a developing, teaching and learning professional environment.

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Conducting group and individual supervision for various professional groups, particularly for psychotherapists.
Promoting supervision as professional support in psychotherapy, counseling and psychological help.

Specialised training


Training cycles

The Gestalt Training and Education Institute (ITEG) offers programs consisting of several workshops and/or seminars, devoted to the development of specific psychotherapeutic skills, personal development of psychotherapists or methods of working with various groups of clients. They are directed to psychotherapists, psychologists, trainers, coaches and educators.

Our training cycles are a part of Continuing Professional Development (CPD), i.e. lifelong learning, which is both an ethical and certification requirement in most psychotherapeutic associations.

EAGT recommends that in the period of every 5 years after the completion of the training, lifelong learning should include Gestalt psychotherapy activities of 50 hours. The European Association for Psychotherapy sets a limit of 250 hours of workshops, conferences, supervisions and seminars.

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Workshops are short forms of developing personal and/or specialist (professional) skills regarding „how” we do something. They mainly develop the so-called soft skills, inspire changes. At our Institute, we especially make sure that they also deepen the substantive knowledge of Gestalt theory and methodology.

Our offers are addressed to psychotherapists, psychologists, pedagogues, educators, students of psychotherapy, psychology and pedagogy, doctors.

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Supervision in psychotherapy is an essential process of verification of one’s own work, a necessary professional support for a psychotherapist and, at the same time, a lifelong learning in this profession.

„Supervision is a learning process in which the psychotherapist cooperates with a more experienced colleague in order to enrich their own skills in the process of continuous professional development (…) this, in turn, promotes the well-being of his client and ensures his safety.” – M.C. Gilbert, K. Evans, „Supervision in psychotherapy” GWP 2004.

At the Gestalt Training and Education Institute, the Supervision in psychotherapy formes a kind of creative dialogue regarding clinical practice. If it enables to increase awareness of the therapy process, the client’s situation and the therapist’s experience, and their mutual relationship, then such a meeting leads to the intensification of the client’s feelings and understanding, intuitive insights, inspiring the therapist to change and equipping him with new creative forms of therapeutic work.

We conduct individual and group supervision.

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Basic course on Gestalt therapy

An Empirical Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Gestalt Therapy meets the needs of people interested in personal development, better quality of life and development of the ability to establish close and satisfying relationships. It is the first learning stage for those who want to continue their education at the ITEG School for Psychotherapists and acquire qualifications to practice as psychotherapists on the basis of Gestalt theory and methodology. Participants receive a certificate for completing the Basic Course.


Personal development and completed 1st stage of the training at the ITEG School for Psychotherapists.

For those interested in self-development, the two-year Basic Program offers benefits in the personal sphere. For participants determined to study at the ITEG School for Psychotherapists , it is an introduction to Gestalt theory and practice as well as the first stage of the comprehensive training. Additionally, it is beneficial that the decision to end or to continue education can be made by the participant at the end of the two-year training.

Participants of the Basic Course learn the basics of Gestalt psychotherapy through their own experience during theoretical and practical classes and self-experience in group.

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Self-improvement workshops

At ITEG, we offer personal development workshops both for people professionally involved in psychological help and psychotherapy and for everyone interested in personal development.

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The team members are professionally active, certified psychotherapists conducting individual psychotherapy for children, adolescents and adults in private practice in cities such as Rzeszów, Jarosław, Krosno, Kraków, Warszawa and London.

Ewa Canert-Łąka , Jarosław contact

Krystyna Waszkowska-Wójcik, Rzeszów   tel. 501 542 242

Dominik Sałdak , Kraków contact

Anna Bal, Warszawa contact

Jacek Czerwieniec, Warszawa contact

Piotr Mierkowski, Londyn contact

Marcin Szczygieł, Warszawa contact

Tomasz Rebeta, Kraków contact

Lena Grzyb-Nowosielska, Krosno contact

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School of Psychotherapists

Basic course


The Basic Course of the School for Psychotherapists (Basic Program) is the first stage of becoming a psychotherapist. The important thing in training psychotherapists (and in training other professional competences, especially in counseling, group work or other contexts of working with people), is that the adept should know how to treat his own experiences and reactions that arise during such work. That is why we have based the Basic Program on Gestalt Therapy on a combination of our own developmental experience (self-experience) and gradual, experimental learning of the theory. Graduates of the Basic Course may apply for admission to the Advanced Course on Clinical Skills. Both stages form a comprehensive, 4-year training in psychotherapy in the Gestalt approach, adapted to the standards of the EAGT (European Association for Gestalt Psychotherapy).


Candidates can contact us in 3 possible ways:
– tel 530 991 250
– e-mail:
– the contact form at the bottom of the page

We conduct the recruitment continuously, the start of the next, fifth edition will take place when the group is gathered, expected date: January/February 2020.
Start : after gathering the group
Due to the state of the pandemic, the date of classes may change.

Advanced course

The Advanced Course of the ITEG School of Psychotherapy is the next, second stage of education at the Institute. In addition to further personal development and learning about one’s own reactions, possibilities, overcoming limitations – which are an element of every psychotherapeutic training, the main stream of the advanced training is the development of psychotherapeutic competences on a general level, necessary for each psychotherapist and the specific competences of a humanistic and experiential psychotherapist working in the Gestalt Therapy approach.
Graduates of the Basic Course have an opportunity to continue their education as part of the two-year course, improving their clinical skills and thus to complete the comprehensive program of the School of Psychotherapy.

ITEG. lnstitute is applying for accreditation in the European Association of Gestalt Therapy. The application period is 5 years. Graduates who complete the four-year training before that date may apply for the full member EAGT certificate individually.
Currently, the 2nd edition of the Advanced Course is in process. The recruitment for the 3rd edition starts in April 2021. The interviews will take place in May 2021. Estimated start of the classes: June/September 2021


– over 600 hours of theory and methodology
– 250 hours of own psychotherapeutic experience
– 400 hours of clinical practice
– 150 hours of supervision
– 50 hours for the personal choice of the adept- tu link
– additionally: 150 hours of internship in a selected healthcare facility

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